30th Anniversary reunion for the LHS Class of 1952

The picture of the attendees taken at the diner/dance held at the Leechburg Elks


Front row: Mary Gene (Knepshield) Shaner , Eleanor (Mezzon) Shannon , Mary Ann (Edwards) Blunk, Martha (Faulk) Crowe, Martha (Ashbaugh) Stollenwork, Julia (Schrengost) Mrvan, Evelyn (Nulph) McGuire, Shirley (Stark) Foley, Marilyn (Caveglia) Kalish, Marilyn (Oberdorf) Catalino

2nd row: Frank Habe , Rich Maritto, Bob Sihlanick, Fred Held, Elber Lovelace, Dick Shultz, Ina Bopp, Violet (Shaner) Stivason, Evelyn (Thomas) Milie , Ida (Carter) Owens, Cookie (Ferrick) Curcci, Beulah (Stull) Mitchell, Don Mendello, Jim Goglio, Dave Hogue

Last row: Eddie Dewitt, Gene McKallip, Skip Bashline, Bill Butler, Earl Smail, Andy Demyanek, Elmer Grajczar, Ron Ravotti, Bill Austin



Pictures of the 42th Reunion in 1997