Visiting Italian Relatives - 2002

October 2002, Donald, Garay, and Jim Goglio joined Dick on a trip to Italy. In addition to the Milan and Italian Treasures tour, They visited relatives in Torino (Turin), and the Comune di Alpette. They also visited the small town of Goglio in the Alps near the Swiss border. Here are some of the photographs.


In Torino we were treated to the gracious hospitality of Adriana Ceretto Obertino, the widow of our cousin Constantino and her wonderful family.

  Adriana, Donald, Garay, and Jim    

Alberto, Anna and Paulo's wife Rosalke



Donald, Adriana and Garay


Dick and Garay

Adriana Ceretta-Obertina's family with us in Turin



We spent the day in Alpette, with Adriana Seren Bernadone. It was a pleasure to meet Adriana and her family, and also to meet Diogini Seren Bernadone and his wife. We also were gracefully hosted by Arturo Felletti, his wife Simona, and mother Lina Goglio. Arturo and his uncle Graziano Goglio gave us a tour of Alpette.

Donald, Adriana, Dick, Dionigi, and his wife
at Adriana's house


Alpette, Batista Goglio piazza and the church of St Peter and St Paul
Simone and Arturo Felletti are in the lower right hand part of the picture


In the Alps about 100 km north of Torino is the small town of Goglio. We visited the town
(no Goglio's currently live there). It is primarily a summer and winter resort.

Donald, Garay, and Jim in Goglio

Another view of Goglio