Barneo Drifting Ice Base

During the 2005 season (April 5-30), the ice base handled 15 passengers' and 5 technical Antonov-74 return flights between Longyearbyen and the Barneo base. The Mi-8 helicopters operation time in the Arctic included more than 90 flight hours. There were 293 visitors to Barneo this season.



The simulated Pole with distances to major cities of the world (in Russian and English)

The runway for the lifeline to the world

The fuel dump and tractors

Tents for the helicopter crews

Unheated tent for the base crew and skiers

Preflight preparations for the model airplane

The toilet facilities tent

Storm broke the pole, so Ashok added the Indian flag

The closest thing to a sunrise/sunset this far North (89th degree)

The tractors getting started to prepare the runway.

Ashok and Peter holding a Malaysian flag

Ashok and Peter

Crew repairing the pole after the storm

Helicopter with tents for flight personnel

Heated tents, we slept in the one on the left

The yellow tent is the mess and communications center.

Plowing and grading the runway to prepare for the AN 74's arrival

The AN-74 is about to land

Dick at a small ice ridge

Dick in our tent

Ashok and Dick in the tent


Iridium phones are the outside link to the world and to ski expeditions

Dick and Van at the dining table

Van and Randy preparing their ski gear


Helicopter to Pole