North Pole

Shortly after arriving at the Russian Ice Camp, we were taken to the North Pole by one of the Mi-8 helicopters. There were about 20 passengers, 3 sky divers, about a dozen "day trippers" and the we four GEA "campers". The 30 minute flight was seemed to last forever. When the the helicopter prepared to land, it hovered just above the ice while a crewman jumped out to test the ice with a large metal shaft. When he gave the OK, the Mi-8 landed. All the passengers except for the sky divers got out to savor arriving at the "Top of the World." The Helicopter then took off and climbed to one to two thousand meters and the sky divers jumped.
See Skydivers to view pictures of their descent.

On the ice, it was a very cold -30 degrees, but fortunately the wind was light. Every one began taking pictures, most people had symbols and flags to be included in the picture.

The ice at the North Pole when we arrived

Richard Meng taking a picture of small US and Chinese flags

Ashok and Peter preparing for the next picture

Some folks off in the distance pictures

Dick at the North Pole

Peter with the Malaysian flag

Two of the crew

Peter preparing to depart the pole

Taking one last picture before reboarding the Mi-8

Time to leave the North Pole

Richard Meng's drawing of his visit to the North Pole


Flight back to camp