Patriot Hills (while waiting for the IL-76)

Mons. held Mass in the dining tent on two the first two Sundays. For the last Sunday he held a mass outside. He also said Mass at the South Pole, and at the Chilean Camp near the "blue ice" runway.


Right Mons. reads the opening statement to his first mass at Patriot Hills. This is in the dining tent.

Attendees at the mass

Msgr said a mass at the site of the Chilean camp during the week we waited for good weather to fly to the pole.

The strong wind was blowing flags, altar cloths, and his vestments all over.

A view showing some of those in attendance

Doug, Antonio, Mons. Andreatta, and Fran Orio after the Chilean Camp Mass


On our final day in Antarctica. Mons. said mass outside using an Altar created from snow blocks

Final preparations are made by Doug.


Waiting for mass to start, left is Urs, Molly, Di, Conrad, and Roger Sr. and right are Roger Jr, and Fran


Roger jr, Urs, and Fran,


Bret,Irene, Fran, ??, ?? and Robert


Robert helps with stabilizing the item on the Altar



Mons. is saying Mass, with the Cross of the Tree next to the Altar. It was presented to the Antarctic Museum in Punta Arenas



More the attendees at the mass


The IL-76 Arrives