Patriot Hills (the IL-7 has arrived)



The human waste (crap) is packed up for loading onto the to be returned to Punta Arenas


The luggage of the returnees is ready for to go

There is also a lot of trash to be sent back to Punta Arenas

Mons. Andreatta, General Liverno, and Urs ready to return

Dick and Molly Byers are getting a head start to the IL-76


Tim is directing the Tucker

The group waves goodbye to Patriot Hills and the ANI staff

The IL-76 has been unloaded, and is now loading the trash and luggage

Urs is getting ready to board

The passengers are now boarding

The sixteen days, (there were no nights since the sun never set), at Patriot Hills are ending. We leave just as the weather turns nice, although probably the next day the wind, clouds and snow would returned.