Patriot Hills (while waiting for the IL-76)

While awaiting the IL-76 to arrive, people played cards and games, read, looked at photos, and talked, while the camp staff worked. These pictures show only a few of the camp staff of 18.


Shoveling the snow which will be heated to make water

Di and Urs work on one of the many jigsaw puzzles that were completed

Tim is reading an adventure novel

Roger Sr. plays cards, among the card games played were Sheepshead, Solitaire and Russian Bank.

Hans is helping with the jigsaw puzzle

Luis and Doug look at digital photos that Luis had taken

Vinson Massiff climber reads.

A climber adds his words to the ANI guest log.

Mike Cross and Bret Goodpaster, Curewalk skiers pass the time by reading

Cynthia plays scrabble with some Vinson climbers

Derreck Boggan camp assistant, and Gareth Hughes camp doctor take a short break.

The cooks Mairi Macauley and Lana Hastie are preparing the hearty evening meal

Mons. Andreatta is slicing Italian salami to share with everyone

A last degree skier and Skip Horner, a Vinson Massiff guide read

People are reading, making entries into the ANI camp log and checking camera equipment

Luis is reviews some of his photos

Conrad Anker and other Vinson climbers are talk

Some just sit and ponder

Robert and Ken read

Are these skiers planning another trip, or just look at where they have been?

Derek is making water from snow. It is an endless task.


  • Building an igloo