The South Pole (Jan 18, 2003)

At the South Pole station we were warmly greeted by Vasilly ?, the Scientific Director, and ???, the summer station manager. The gave us a brief tour of the facility, and discussed the station operation, new construction, and ongoing scientific experiments. We were allowed to purchase South Pole gifts, and stamps for mailing postcards.

Approaching the South Pole Station

Ceremonial South Pole

Dick at the South Pole

Cynthia at the South Pole


Urs, Dick Cynthia, Tim and Doug Stern at the South Pole.

Actual South Pole was already 18 inches in front the pole, since the Glacier is moving at about 1 inch per day. The shorter poles behind this pole designate were glacier actually was at the South Pole in prior years.

New Construction first wing is ready to be populated

The Station Dome being buried in snow drifts


Celebration at Patriot Hills