Dinner at Longyearbyn

On the evening of April 9th, prior to leaving for the Barneo Ice Camp, the Global Expeditions group had dinner at the Radison Hotel in Longyearbyn, Jeff Dyrek briefed us about the base and schedule for the flight to the pole. We also had a sampling of Polar Bear, Whale, and Seal meat at the dinner. Everyone enjoyed the fine food and drink in anticipation of the coming adventure.

Anthony Peralta (sky diver), Richard Meng, Jeff showing schedule, Cao Jun (Part of Chinese ski to Pole Group). Brian O'Connor (sky diver), Burkley Reman (sky diver).

Brian, Burkley, and Randy Peeters (Ski to the pole group)

Peter Baker, Jeff and Anthony


Randy and Ashok Patel

Whale meat (dark red) and seal meat appetizer


Polar Bear certificate


Flight to the Russian Ice Camp