Flying to the Russian Ice Camp

At the Longyearbyen airport, we had to go through the same process as is used at any airport, metal detectors, X-ray machines, We boarded the AN-74 about 4:00 AM for the 21/2 hour flight to the Russian Barneo Ice Camp .

During the flight, we were served a Russian airline meal, which was more like a dinner than a breakfast.

The landing appeared no different than landing on a concrete runway, other than being a slightly bumpier.

It was exciting when we stepped off the plane and stood on the polar ice cap.


Cockpit during flight to Barneo

Seating area in main cabin

Cargo area at the back of the AN-74

Peter on arrival at Barneo

Dick on arrival at Barneo

AN-74 taxiing to end of runway. then takeoff in a cloud of dust snow


Barneo Ice Camp