Snowmobile Trip

On April 9, we took a 120K snowmobile tour out to the have lunch on the ship frozen in the Fjord. After a brief familiarization on how to drive the snowmobile , and getting fitted with helmets, goggles, gloves and outerwear, we headed out for an adventure on the ice and snow. Since they did not have a hard plastic helmet to fit my big head (no jokes about me being big headed), I received and fur lined leather helmet just like the airplane pilots of WWII wore.

The seven hour snowmobile ride jostled and bounced us around, I was bounced off, late in the afternoon as we were returning. It was an exhilarating trip racing along at speeds up to 70 KPH in the cold air, viewing the beautiful landscape, the ice cover mountains, the frozen fjord, and the glaciers. The light from the overcast day gave all an eerie grayish tone. Fortunately the leaders smoked, and needed a nicotine fix, so got a short break each hour.

The leader and two assistants (one rode in the middle of the pack of 15 snowmobiles and the other in the rear) towed sleds the contained first aid and other emergency gear and rifles which would be used to protect us from Polar Bears should they cross our path. At one stop, they broke out the rifles and carried them as we took a short walk into a small box canyon.

After riding for a couple of hours, we arrived at the schooner in the frozen fjord big appetite from in wrestling the snowmobiles over the rough ice and snow. for a . We devoured the hearty lunch in beautiful dinning area of the ship.

The tour leader waiting for everyone to start their engines.

Looking over the wind screen of my snowmobile.

Patterns in the ice and snow

Dick with his WWII fur lined leather helmet

a few of the snowmobiles lined up during a break.

An old (75 to 100 years) trappers shack at the shore of the fjord

The newer trappers cabin

A view of the frozen fjord

Ashok taking videos of the trappers shack

The leader was bringing a young puppy out to one of the girls working on the frozen schooner


Lunch break

Dick in front of the Nordenlichte

Status board on the ship showing the number of Polar bears that were spotted

Don't eat the yellow snow

The beautiful frozen fjord

Dick and his trusty snowmobile

The receding glacier at the end of the fjord

Dick taking a picture Richard Meng

More of frozen fjord and glacier

Dick (in the distance) reboarding his trusty snowmobile after falling off

A picture of the ship when it no longer encased in ice and cruising around the fjord


Dinner at Radison Hotel