Fly to the South Pole Trip Jan 10 - 26, 2003

We spent 16 days at Patriot Hills camp. The first 8 days were spent waiting upon good flying weather for the trip to the pole. After the trip to the pole, we waited for seven days for the weather to clear and the Il-76 to come and get us.

Most of us agree with the following statement from Mons.. Andreatta “We have lived an unique and thrilling experience in a continent where “the strength of nature” reigns “sovereign” over every “human strength”. One feels unarmed and powerless."


Front row :Georg Kirner (Ski the last Degree), Antonio Vizzi, Mons. Liberio Andretta, Jorge Ruiz, Roger Colburne Jr.
Second row: Molly Byers, Dianne Haubner, Luis Carulla, Irina Ruiz, Cynthia Wolfe
Back row: Dick Byers, Hans-Joerge Witte, Richard Bauder (Ski the last Degree), Dick Shultz, Ken Haubner, Tim Carlson, Robert Rodergas, Roger Colburne Sr, Urs Glauser

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